Vertical Pivot Gate Styles

Automatic Decorative Vertical Pivot Gate

Decorative Vertical Pivot Gates

Lazy Gate's decorative vertical pivot gates will add a touch of class while maintaining privacy and security to your home or gated community.

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Automatic Farm and Ranch Vertical Pivot Gate

Farm, Ranch, & Pasture Vertical Pivot Gates

Our heavy duty pasture, ranch and farm vertical pivot gates are built to withstand the everyday rigors of a tough working environment. See why we are the top rated vertical pivot gate manufacturers.

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Automatic Industrial Vertical Pivot Gate

Industrial Vertical Pivot Gates

Chain link gates are ideal for industrial and business environments where additional security is desired. Our vertical pivot chainlink gates can be designed to match your existing fencing.

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Custom Engineered Automatic Vertical Pivot Gates

Custom Engineered Gates

Our engineers are recognized for their outstanding design work for creating custom pivot gate designs to meet your exact specifications. Let's create something beautiful.

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Automatic Gate Operators

Automatic Vertical Pivot Gate Opener

Vertical Pivot Gate Operator

Vertical gates open upward eliminating the need for large swing or slide areas solving the problems associated with snow, uneven terrain, sloping driveways and limited space. Our patented vertical pivot gate technology is engineered to last. Each vertical pivot gate opener is hand crafted from solid steel. These vertical pivot gate openers use our patented design and are engineered to last.

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Automatic Swinging Gate

Swing Gate Operator

Traditional swinging gates provide convenience, safety and security for your home or business. When style and elegance are a priority, swing gates are exactly what you need. We can engineer custom swing gate designs for any project. Let our engineers help you design the gate system your have always wanted.

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Popular Gate Accessories

Regular Size Radio Transmitter With Visor Clip

One Button Visor Transmitter

Easily Control Your Vertical Pivot Gate

Wireless transmitter with over a thousand possible codes keep your vertical pivot gates secure. Easily open your vertical pivot gate from the vehicle or tractor without having to get out.

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Commercial Keypad

Commercial Keypad

Controlled Access to Open Your Vertical Pivot Gate

Programmable heavy metal enclosure with metal keypad. Keep access to your vertical pivot gate secure with a programmable keypad. A key can also be used to override the keypad for quick access when needed.

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