Automatic Decorative Gates

Vertical Pivot Gates & Swing Gates


Gated Communities

Automatic Decorative Vertical Pivot Gate

Our decorative vertical pivot gates and swing gates are perfect for gated communities. Our gates are uniquely designed to provide a touch of class while offering state of the art security. When you need reliable gates that provide decades of worry free service, please contact our design engineers. We can custom engineer a vertical pivot gate or swing gate for your projects.


Driveway Gates

Automatic Driveway Vertical Pivot Gate

Our do-it-yourself driveway gates can provide extra security and can be personalized to enhance your home's curb appeal. Our space saving design allows you to install a driveway gate almost anywhere. Automatic Solar Gate options are also available for our vertical pivot gates when AC power may not be available.


Customized Gate Options

Automatic Decorative Vertical Pivot Gates

Our do-it-yourself gated community gates and driveway gates can be completely customized. Our gates are can be powder coated for long term protection from corrosion. We can customize the powder coating for your gate in almost any color.