Videos Highlighting Vertical Pivot Gates

Video Transcript- Read about how Lazy Gate Vertical Pivot Gates can simplify your life.

Privacy, security, convenience, 3 major reasons why people around the country rely on Lazy Gate. That's right, Lazy Gate. The gate system preferred by farm, home, and industry. Lazy gate offers a complete line of vertical gates. Powered by a 12-volt battery, the Lazy Gate comes with a solar or AC charger as well as radio controls. Add accessories such as push buttons, key switch, digital keypad, card reader, mounting pedestal, self closing timer, or free exit device and you have the latest in automated gate opening technology. Lazy gates vertical gate opening systems eliminate the problems with swing type gates. Snow, obstructions, and uneven ground are no problem assuring consistent operation under all conditions. The sagging and dragging associated with ordinary swing gates is eliminated. Plus the space saving design requires only 4 square feet for operation. As compared to the hundreds of square feet required by a swing gate. Lazy Gate, a family owned business since 1973 can custom design and fabricate a gate system for any application. Their unique patented spring system assures fast, easy operation while the heavy duty durable construction provides years of trouble free service. A variety of styles and sizes are available to meet any need.

Heavy duty farm gates are fabricated from thick gauge round and square tubing in lengths from 12 to 18 feet. Full length round horizontal tubes are 16-gauge 2 ¼ inch steel. While the square vertical tubing the 14-gauge 2 ½ inch steel. The completely welded construction provides the strongest farm gate available. Standard colors are orange, red or green.

Decorative gates are constructed with a 2 ½ inch 14-gauge tubing frame with ¾ inch 16-gauge square tubing vertical spindles. This ornamental iron gate is available in the standard design, or can be personalized with the owner's initials or company logo. Standard colors are gloss black or white. Custom colors are also available at a slight additional charge. Standard lengths of decorative gates are from 12 to 18 feet. Special length gates are also available. Lazy Gates full service ornamental iron shop will custom design and fabricate gates to the clients specifications.

The chain link gate is constructed of 2 ½ inch 14-gauge square tubing with ¾ inch 14-gauge square tubing support members. This gate comes with a 48 inch by 9-gauge galvanized chain link fabric. An optional barbed wire top can be added to match taller fences. These gates are also available in the standard 12 – 18 foot lengths or custom designed for any application.

Regardless of style, Lazy Gate's unique patented spring balancing system assures feather light operation. Lazy Gates model v2000 solar vertical gate opener can be installed anywhere. Powered by a solar charged 12-volt battery this gate will operate day or night, independent of electrical service. The standard 10-watt solar panel will maintain a full charge allowing operation 50 times daily, rain or shine. Optional larger panels are also available for more active applications requiring faster recharge rates. The gate is battery operated, so the need for expensive electrical trenching and hookup is eliminated. If 110-volt power is nearby, an optional battery trickle charger can be used in place of the solar panel. A 16-gauge steel box with cast-aluminum cover houses the deep cycle 12-volt battery and a state-of-the-art computer control board with adjustable pressure safety shutoff. If a gate closes with an object or vehicle in its path, the adjustable pressure shutoff stops the gate. The adjustable shutoff can be set to control the amount of pressure to be applied before stopping. This unique computer controlled system eliminated mechanical limit switches that often cause adjustment problems. The control box controls a heavy duty linear actuator that opens or closes the gate. The linear actuator easily opens the vertical gate because the gate itself is counter balanced. The Lazy Gate comes with radio controls and a long range antenna that allows operation up to 300 feet away. A multi-code control ensures only designated access. A wide variety of accessories can also be added to the Lazy Gate system. Digital keypads allow access by entering a 4-digit code. The system in programmable with 10,000 possible codes for complete security. This popular add-on feature allows access to a variety of designated people without controls or keys and maintains the security of the system. Should a change occur and certain people are no longer granted access, a simple program change will define a new access code. Card readers are also available allowing access only to those having the magnetic card. These are ideal for multiple gate user applications. Weatherproof pushbuttons can be mounted on a pedestal along a driveway or wall mounted. Extra pushbuttons can be installed at other locations such as the house or barn. Key switches add a dimension of security as only key holders can activate the gate. Mounting pedestals can provide an easily accessible location of operational controls. These heavy duty pedestals are made of 2 ½ inch 14-gauge square tubing and are 48 inches tall mounted on ¼ inch steel base plate. Adding a free exit device allows hands free operation while exiting. An optional self-closing timer automatically closes the gate and is adjustable from 2 to 180 seconds. Multi-code radio controls are included with all gates. With over a thousand combinations, duplication is almost virtually eliminated. Transmitters are available in standard size with visor clips or miniature keychain size.

Lazy Gates are easy to install with simple hand tools. Once the concrete footing is set, assemble and tighten 10 bolts, connect the battery, and that's it! Lazy Gate is truly a uniquely designed gate system that provides the privacy, security and convenience that users want and need. It's quality built for years of dependable service and the pivotal vertical design operates in all weather conditions and limited space. Yes, Lazy Gate is the answer to your gate problems. Find out more about the Lazy Gate from your local distributor or contact Lazy Gate directly at 1-800-428-9880 or visit